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You will find below some of the most asked questions when planning your special event.

This will help ease your mind in choosing ENDICOTT SOUND PRODUCTIONS as your entertainment source.



Do You Provide A Contract / Written Agreement ?

It is very important to confirm your booking in writing. Terms should be clearly defined to avoid future problems.All our work comes with a simple , yet legal , contract which outlines terms and conditions.

  How Far In Advance Do We Need To Book Our DJ ?

Music & Entertainment is a vital part of every reception. When you find the right DJ for you, we suggest booking with them as quickly as possible. Some clients book with us as far as 2 years in advance. Like any other vendor, we are constantly getting inquiries for most dates, so the sooner you book the greater the chance of securing the entertainer you prefer for your event.

   Can We Come To A Performance And See You In Action ?

Due to the intimate nature of Weddings and other private affairs we do not invite potential clients to look in on someone else’s special day. We will not invite anyone else to visit your event either. However, if we have a public showcase that we will be performing at we will be happy to invite you out to see us at such an event. 

   Are You A Member Of Any Professional Organizations ?

ESP DJ SERVICE is proud to be a part of the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA).

   How Many Breaks Do You Take ?

We will be performing for you from start to finish without any breaks. You will have continuous music throughout your entire party.


Will You Be The DJ Performing At My Event ?

Absolutely ! My wife and I are the owner of ESP DJ SERVICE and will provide the entertainment at every event.


Do You Do More Than Just Play Music At The Event ?

We are a very personalized service. Most Events involve more than playing music. It is important to have a DJ who is capable of playing the music, handling announcements and helps to coordinate the Event.


Can We Meet You Before Making Our Decision ?

Yes ! My wife and I are happy to be available for consulation. This will give us a chance to establish good communications to better service you.


       Are You Insured ?

ESP DJ SERVICE carries a full liability insurance policy. Proof of insurance is available upon request.

                Can We Speak To References ?

We will be happy to provide you with a list references from previous clients who will be happy to discuss with you, their satisfaction from using ESP DJ SERVICE.

Can We Make A List Of Songs To Be Played ?

Yes we do encourage song selections. This is your event , not ours , and we know this. You may also want to choose songs you do not want played at your event. This will ensure that your event will run smooth as possible.


Do You Take Requests ?

Yes ! Many DJ's are of the opinion that they know what music is best for there audience and won't take request. The DJ should listen to requests and play them whenever appropriate. We gladly accept request from your guests providing they are within your predetermined musical guidelines.


Do You Charge For Travel Or Set-Up ?

There is no charge for either except , in extreme circumstances , ( upstairs / downstairs event , or a venue more than 20 miles from our office ) , or a venue that isn't so easy for DJ set-up.

As for most halls, there is not a charge. Call DJ with the name of your venue and we should be able to answer this question for you.We remember most of these venue's !


Do You Have Back-Up Equipment ?

Yes , ESP DJ SERVICE has a conventional back-up system in case of unpredictable technical difficulties. Even professional audio equipment can fail on occasion , that's why we make sure there is back-up equipment should an emergency occur.


Is Your Equipment Of Professional Quality ?

Yes, there is a difference between home audio and professional road-worthy equipment. The equipment a DJ uses should be built to go on the road each and every day !


Will You Play The Music At An Appropriate Level ?

The biggest concern voiced by prospective clients is the volume level of the music. A professional DJ knows to keep the volume at a level appropriate for the guests, especially during cocktails and the dinner hour.

              Why Should I Choose ESP DJ SERVICE ?

ESP DJ SERVICE was created for clients who want to work with their entertainment company. This will ensure the best possible time had by all, at your event. We work with you personally to customize an event around your particular needs and desires to create the affair of a lifetime.


Should We Include You For Lunch / Dinner ?

Although it is not required , a meal would be appreciated. Always check first with the catering service , as most of the better ones make allowances for your vendors without charging you.